Filemaker Pro - OS X problem w/ networking

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by macworkgirl, Sep 20, 2005.

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    Sep 20, 2005
    Hi everyone. If someone knows the solution to this I'll love you forever!
    Ok, my ibook for work is set up with both OS 9 and X. We use custom filemaker pro files and I am the only 'remote employee' so I use a router to connect to these shared files off the server. For some reason, when I am in OS 9 I can connect without problem. But when I go over to X (which I love - and I hate 9) I can't access the shared files. My network settings are correct in X, and my tech guy and I spent hours on the phone trying things yesterday. But he's not really experienced with remote networking so I think there's something he's missing.
    Any ideas??
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    Oct 15, 2003
    Maybe you will... some folks have been known to curse me for telling them what they don't wanna hear!

    How are you accessing the FmPro files "on the server"? Are you running FileMaker Server? Or are you opening the files in single-user mode from their location on a FILE server? Or (for that matter) are you running a copy of plain-vanilla FileMaker Pro on the server and opening the FmPro files as a guest?


    a) If you're opening the files in single-user mode from a file server, maybe someone already has the files open.

    b) If, in FileMaker's own "Sharing" tab, you've set these files up to be shared files, you should not be hosting them on a file server. And to be explicit about it, any computer with file sharing turned on — SMB or AppleTalk — is a file server for purposes of this discussion. This rule is immutable if you're using FileMaker Server, you can get away with breaking it if you're hosting the files with plain-vanilla FileMaker Pro AND you've only got a tiny handful of concurrent users (although still a bad idea). But even then...

    c) If the file is open by anyone but you (whether it be FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro that has it open) you should not be opening the file via the Finder (i.e., by mounting the server volume on your Desktop) but instead should be opening the file by going to the File menu, selecting Open Remote, {Specifying the Host by IP address if necessary, but if you see the file w/o specifying host skip that step,}and selecting the running file when it appears in the window onscreen. Under OS X files are more likely to simply refuse to open if you try to open them in the Finder when they are hosted files. Under OS 9 they will more often open (and corrupt the files over a period of time).


    Other things to check:

    If (after making sure the file is shut down and totally not in use by anyone, anywhere) you copy the file to your own OS X Desktop, can you open it from there?

    If the file is indeed hosted (open by either a copy of FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server), is FileMaker networking set up properly on the OS X box? Is — by any remote chance — the file being shared only over AppleTalk under OS 9? (FileMaker does not support FmPro file sharing over AppleTalk under OS X, only over TCP/IP).

    Is the registration code entered for the OS X copy by any chance a serial number already in use by any other computer on the network? If so, Filemaker will still run on that machine but it WILL NOT NETWORK. (It should, however, toss error messages at you about maximum number of users of that license, etc).

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