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Jun 14, 2010
How do I copy files off an old Powerbook 165's harddrive?

It's running 7.1 and I'd like to use some of the files,
or even dup the entire HD if possible,
in a mini vMac install on a windows PC.

I tried to install Diskcopy 6.3.3 on the Powerbook,
but everytime I tried to make a img of a folder,
even a small folder, it reported an out of memory error?

Then I copied files from the PB harddrive to its floppy,
but could not find a way to make an img file of the mac floppy in windows?
Transcopy on the PC allowed the mac floppy to be read,
but some files only came across as 1KB ,
and the others I'm not sure how to get into mini vMac.

I read about importfl and exportfl but they seem to assume the emulator is running on a mac OS host.

Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks.


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Nov 8, 2007
I read somewhere you could get a version of 'dd' for windows.
dd was originally a unix utility that is pretty powerful and works with devices too.
You should be able to make a full disk image of the Powerbook HD.
You just need to plug it into your PC somehow.

Should be an IDE drive, but could be SCSI too...
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