FileVault On Certin Directories


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Mar 9, 2006
Is it possible to only encrypt certain directories? All of my data that needs to be encrypted on my laptop is pretty much in one or two directories. I do NOT want to encrypt my entire home directory, just this directory.

Also, is there a way to share encrypted file systems between Windows and Mac? What I mean is the ability to send a Windows (or Linux) user an encrypted image and have them be able to open it with the password. We keep company data in TrueCrypt images now, but if there is something cross platform that would be great.



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Aug 2, 2004
The "poor man's" version of this is to create a password protected disk image (using Disk Utility) and store the files you want to be protected in there. Just make sure not to save the password in Keychain, and those files will be reasonably well protected. Assuming you use a strong password.

As for exchanging files, not sure about advanced methods, but could you just create a password protected ZIP file? How stringent are the protection requirements?


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Dec 12, 2005
you could try OpenSSL with AES encryption, but you will need to install the software on windows and make it nicer to encrypt/decrypt

but if its just nice encryption you want, try using zips as suggested.


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Jul 18, 2007
GnuPG is a standard application for encryption. It runs on linux, Mac OS X and Win.