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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by sulhaq, Aug 21, 2006.

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    Jul 29, 2006
    Okay so I was messing around with FileVault. Turned it on and it encrypted everything in around 20 mins or so. I'm running a macbook. All's well. I didn't notice any slowdowns so i just left it at that. But then every time I would log out FileVault would bug the hell out of me with a popup saying i can free up space. And also it took an extra few seconds to log out which I didn't like.

    So I decided to turn it off. Lo and Behold, FileVault completely deleted my Home Folder instead of decrypting it. Everything's gone. THANK GOD I had recently done a back up because of a format I did not long ago. Restored everything. Losses were minimal ranging from a few new programs I downloaded to my installed copy of Windows on Parallels.

    I'm pretty okay right now but WTF!? Is is supposed to do that..... If I had not taken that back up I would be tearing my hair out right now....
  2. wako macrumors 65816

    Jun 6, 2005

    the short answer is yes

    When you turn on FileVault, it is suppose to protect your files. If anything is trying to gain access without permission multiple times or if it detects some security flaw and is being hacked, it is suppose to just delete all files. Now when you turned off FileVault you would expect it to do something of the nature of decrypt it right? I thought so too, but I had the same result as you.

    As a matter a fact, I was doing it at the Apple Store when I had to swap my MacBook and after I transferred files, with the Migration wizard it wouldnt budge. It wouldnt let me in my account, it even threatened me if I tried anymore times in typing the wrong password it would delete everything. I even tried to go into the boot disc and create a new password with no avail. The Mac Genius simply took a look (a store associate was helping me do this) and said, "Good Luck." Basically meaning I was screwed, and when we decided to decrypt the file from the original HDD it only deleted it. When the Mac Genius came back he only said, "Well atleast we know FileVault works."

    Basically the Genius and the sales associate told me that never turn it on unless you have ABSOLUTELY important files on your computer for your eyes only. It is pointless to turn it on if you dont need it because it only causes problems, not because it doesnt work, but because it works TOO well.

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