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    Dec 28, 2006
    I love using FileVault, the peace of mind and all, but the option to optimise your memory space or whatever every time I turn off my mac is really starting to bug me. I don't want to stop using FileVault, I just want rid off this option. I love being able to click shut down and leave, i used to put up with windows xp telling me i had to wait to end some crashed programs every time i shut down, i know this is different but it still annoys me. Is there anyway of turning off this option or some 3rd part software that will help me out.

    Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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    I would personally recommend using FileVault for only those files that are worth vaulting. If somebody takes my computer and sees my iTunes library I'm not terribly concerned but if they get my banking information I am. I keep anything I would "shred" if it were on paper in a FileVault user account and everything else on my main account. I usually only open the filevault account every few weeks as it is.

    I know it's not an answer to your question but a suggestion. Another option of course is to have an encrypted disk image inside my normal account but I'd probably end up leaving the keychain permanently on for that or deleting it...
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    I agree.

    If you loose your password, file vault becomes corrupt, all is lost.

    Besides, everything you open, save, or modify in a file vault directory will require the system to encrypt and decrypt the data before it can use it's resources for something else. If you need the vault enabled, only put the extremely important files in this location.

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