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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by RandmTask, Apr 18, 2014.

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    When filling in forms in a PDF in Preview it mistakenly sees some forms as checkboxes eg. Home phone number or Date of birth which have multiple boxes to fill in and only lets me tick each box.

    Screenshot 2014-04-18 15.53.23.png

    Whereas a larger box for Name lets me click and type.

    Screenshot 2014-04-18 15.55.22.png

    Any way to toggle this behaviour so it does not check the boxes and instead lets me type?

    It is cumbersome creating a separate text boxes for each field and then aligning them or creating one large box and then aligning each letter

    Thanks, not sure if there is even a solution to this in Preview!


    OSX 10.9.2 on 2013 MacBook Air
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    Jul 8, 2011
    Pretty sure there is no way for you to fix this through Preview. Have you tried filling in the form in a web browser to see if you are getting the same results? I am interested to know if the form is set that way or Preview is interpreting it that way.

    These kind of permissions in a PDF form are usually set by the person who created it to be interactive. Why Preview would be interpreting it in any other way than the way it was intended, is new to me. I create forms all the time, and looking at the attachment you supplied, it seems odd that someone would set up a phone # in such a way.

    Wish I could have been more help. I have run several of the forms that I created through Preview and all are filling in with the permissions I have allowed them. Give the web browser a try. Might give you another option to filling out the form.
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    The easiest way to solve this is to use the free Adobe Reader application. Unfortunately, some PDFs just are not compiled with open common formats and must use the Adobe program. :(
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