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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Cox Orange, Feb 9, 2011.

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    Jan 1, 2010

    on an art-television-channel I saw an article about a Finnish Science Fiction movie comedy.

    the plot: 1945, the nazis send a rocket to the moon. On the dark side of the moon they built a colony and come back 2018 to capture the world.

    Sounds like a b-movie/trash-movie, but I think it could be fun (and I like hilarious trash movies some time).

    unfortunately the teaser does not rise a lot interest (my opinion), but there is a good critique article, unfortunately it is in german. Maybe you can find an article in finnish or english via google somewhere.
    better teaser (English with german subtitle):

    It has an interesting financial aspect. One can lend his/her money and if the movie makes profit, you get your money back with a plus. (Very unsecure, but one fan said, he had a better feeling losing all his money on a film, instead of investing in a firm, that will close in the cause of the financial crisis. An idealistic approach for people loving strange things of movie art ;)

    They have earned a third of the actual production costs it says in the article, till now. Movie will start in europe in 2012.
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    thanks for posting. actually looks interesting.

    but they've got it wrong, if the nazis had gone to the moon, they wouldn't have come back to Earth, they would have made a massively strategic error and went after Mars instead first :) lol

    (blatant poke at Hitler's fantastic war strategy :)

    honestly though, I like the cinematic look of this flick. I'd like to watch it.

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