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Apr 2, 2012
Late 2013 27" iMac. MacOS 10.15.3 Catalina. Printer is a Canon LBP6230dw laser. I can not get anything to print. I'm trying to print a simple PDF from Preview. I have reset the printing system, uninstalled the printer, reinstalled the printer, restarted both the iMac and printer, downloaded the most current driver - all to no avail. I get "filter failed" every time I try to print. Any advice?


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Nov 11, 2012
Wish I had a specific solution to report, but I don't.

I had the exact same problem and error message for many months with my Epson printer using Mojave. I tried rebooting, PRAM, reinstalling printer, changing wi-fi networks speeds, etc. etc. all with no avail. When the error did show up, I just kept trying to print the same thing again. After 2 or 3 tries, it would eventually work OK. This was a continual source of frustration for me.

Then, about a month ago, the problem disappeared. I had done nothing different. I have no idea why it went away. Maybe Epson changed their driver?? Don't know. Just happy that the problem is now gone.


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Dec 3, 2014
Check with Canon directly. When I was running the beta Catalina last summer one of my Sawgrass printers had this issue, upon digging and them not being able to fix it, the driver was running 32-bit on some of the build. It took them months to issue a driver that was fully compatible with Catalina. You could try running the printer through the generic macOS driver instead of the canon driver.
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