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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Techichi, Jun 16, 2011.

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    Once again, hello to you all! :)
    With the arrival of the long awaited "Back to School" promotion I am finally ready to buy a new iMac. I already asked for advice on this forum regarding my future Mac purchase a few months ago but I wanted to hear some different opinions to come to a final decision on which product to get. So, without further ado...

    1) I am strongly oriented towards getting the base 21.5" iMac model as this would be more than adequate for my general computer use (academic writing, Internet browsing, watching movies and TV shows). However, I was also kind of interested in trying out some games on it (e.g. Civilization V and Starcraft 2). Would I benefit greatly from purchasing the 2.7GHz model with a better graphics card in this sense? Take into consideration that the difference in price between the two for me would be of roughly £220 ($355).

    2) Hypothetically, if I decided to go for the 2.7GHz model, would you advise me to upgrade to the 27" model, considering that the difference in price between the two would "only" be about £132 ($213)? I must admit that I found the 27" screen size kind of intimidating whenever I looked at it in the Apple store and I don't have a lot of desk space available to me at the moment.

    3) Regardless of whatever model I picked, would it be worth upgrading the RAM to 8GB? I know that I could do that in the future for a much cheaper price, but I am mainly wondering if 4GB of RAM is likely to become obsolete in the short term or not.

    4) Does anyone know if Apple are running the printer rebate promotion in the UK at the moment? There seems to be an option to buy a printer with my Mac as a promotion whenever I go onto the online store but I think that might be a mistake as I can't find any information about this elsewhere.
    Also, given the £65 voucher for the App Store that I will receive together with my purchase, are there any games or useful programs that you would recommend on there? I was looking at "Scrivener" and wondering if it could be of help given that I will have to write a final year dissertation soon...

    As usual, thank you in advance for your help! ;)
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    Yes, Yes, Yes, and don't know.

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