Final Cut Express HDV output for HD youtube Deinterlace

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by llanelwy, Jan 29, 2009.

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    Jan 29, 2009

    I just got a sony hdr-hc5 cam corder. having great fun with it. I would like to Output some HD movies to send to youtube.

    Can any of you tell me the best export setting to output the video for youtube? The footage will need deinterlacing. I would prefer to do this during the export so i dont have to add the deinterlace filter to the video on my timeline as i will also be exporting the project back onto hdv tape.


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    Jan 29, 2009
    I did see that article. But i have Final Cut express not studio so i dont think i have compressor. anyone know how to do it as a native quicktime output from FCE?
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    Just follow those same instructions except use the "export as quicktime file" option in FCE ( well, whichever it is, I'm away from FCE right now.. ."save as quicktime movie?" whatever it is )

    You'll be presented with the exact same settings dialog box.

    The thing is that you will not get a good preview of your output with plain old quicktime, so I recommend taking a 30 second clip of your most "interesting" or active part of your movie and export that just so it doesn't take all night tweaking the settings.

    Of course in the case of youtube, you're wanting to try and get the highest quality file within the maximum file size limit ( whatever that is now for Youtube ), so you might want to start with pretty high quality settings ( the ones in the pictures are quite generous )
    but don't go over the bit rate maximums ( and remember to add in your audio bitrate when doing that calculation )

    Hope this helps!

    EDIT: Oops.. I didn't see the part about interlacing. I'm known for cheap hacks but.... I would just deinterlace within FCE and then "undo" it before exporting back out to tape. I especially recommend the free Smart Deinterlacer ( does motion areas only ) by Mattias Sandström ( Too Much Too Soon )
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    Jan 29, 2009
    From that article i was able to put together the following. These are two export settings that appear to work. Good to know after you Video has been rendered after upload to youtube, it takes another 1-2 hours before the option will show up to watch the HD version

    Apply the Deinterlace filter mentioned above to your time line then export as follows.

    Export HD for Youtube as mpeg 4

    File -->Export --> Quick Time Convertion

    Set the Format to be mpeg-4
    Click the options button
    Set the file format to be mp4

    On the video tab set as follows

    Video format = H.264
    Data Rate = 2500
    image size = 1280x720 HD

    On the Audio Tab

    Date Rate = 192 KBPS

    Ok setting and save the file, Ready for upload to You tube. My test worked fine but i have read that people have had audio sync problems with this. if you have that problem use the 2nd way listed next.

    Export HD for Youtube as Quicktime

    File -->Export --> Quick Time Convertion

    Set the format
    Format = Quicktime Movie

    Click Options

    Click Settings

    Set the following options leave everything else as is

    Compression type = Mpeg-4 Video
    Frame Rate = Set this to whatever your original frame rate was.
    Quality = Best

    Click ok

    Click Size

    Set to HD 1280x720 16:9

    Click ok

    Click sound

    Format = AAC
    rate = 44,100

    Thats it. This one worked for me but took longer to output from FCE.
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    Oct 17, 2006
    Replied to wrong thread!

    I found this one *very* helpful though. Thanks to all who answered.



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