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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by jer446, Dec 13, 2010.

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    I edited a video in final cut pro for a project. I shot everything in 1080p widescreen. A lot of my b role is not widescreen though. I assumed it would crop this footage. When I export the video, everything looks distorted. What are the correct settings I should use to properly export in high definition, and then what settings should I use to export to youtube?

    I believe that I might not have the proper project settings. Also, I don't mind if I have to export at 720p because a lot of my B-role is not hd.
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    What cameras shot the footage (HD and SD B-roll)? Generally speaking, if your editing sequence is set to the native 1080p frame size of the main footage, any SD B-roll dropped into that same timeline would be adjusted by FCP to conform to the sequence setting.

    In such a case, dropping the SD video into that sequence would yield video scaled up to fit the 1080 horizontal lines (the quality will suffer, but no way around that, really) with black pillar boxes on left and right side. When exported from FCP, everything should output to the 1920x1080 frame size and look correct. Any of the 4:3 SD material present would simply appear with the pillar boxes I previously mentioned. It sounds to me that you might have something set incorrectly in the timeline's sequence settings.

    But, I would need more information (like cameras used and what codecs you're using the edit, for example) to help you further.

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