Final Cut Pro 6 vs Avid Xpress Pro 5.7

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by chewbacca390, Feb 28, 2008.


Final Cut Pro vs Avid Xpress Pro

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  1. chewbacca390 macrumors member

    Jan 19, 2008
    I searched really quick and didn't see a topic similar to this one made, so here it is. Avid Xpress Pro vs Final Cut...which do you prefer and why?

    I am quite fluent in Avid, though I'm sure I have only really dipped into the surface. I do not have a personal editor though, only those at my studio. I now decided that I want to get a personal editor...and now the big decision comes in. Final Cut or Xpress Pro?? I could get Final Cut and use it at home in order to learn and know both softwares...though I'm not exactly thrilled about a new learning curve, when I already know Avid.

    So, thoughts on what I should do? And also...which do you prefer?

    Thanks guys!
  2. LethalWolfe macrumors G3


    Jan 11, 2002
    Los Angeles
    I've used both professional and each software has their place. I personally prefer FCP, but if I was going setup a show utilizing a shared media environment, required editors to share projects, and had an offline/online workflow I'd go Avid if the budget allowed for it.

    It all just kinda depends on what your overall goal is. If you go w/Avid you can bring your project into work w/you if you need to. If you are thinking about moving into editing most of the low/no budget offerings are looking for FCP editors. Are you interested in all the other FCS2 apps (LiveType, DVD Studio Pro, Color, Motion, Sound Track Pro)? is a good site for Avid users looking to familiarize themselves w/FCP.

  3. bigbossbmb macrumors 68000


    Jul 1, 2004

    It really depends on what you plan on getting out of it. For single station/editor use, I prefer FCP. I use Media Composer/Adrenaline systems at work as an Asst Editor. Avid definitely excels at the multi-user environments and project organization. But when I go home, it's all FCP since it's just me and I don't need to worry about multi-project management.

    That said, I think the entire FCStudio package is really hard to beat in terms of price/performance.
  4. chewbacca390 thread starter macrumors member

    Jan 19, 2008
    Haha, well speaking of the price, I can get a pretty good deal. I currently have in my possession a Final Cut Studio that I got for free...but I can't decide if I should sell it or keep it. If I sold it, I could get a copy of Avid for about $250 from someone I know.

    The money part here isn't a big deal really...I just have to figure out which I should get!


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