Final Cut Pro 8 Features from iMovie 11

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Sirmausalot, Apr 8, 2011.

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    Sep 1, 2007
    I was watching the iMovie 11 presentation and I'm just curious about predictions to FCP 8, especially the interface. We can be certain of the technical improvements in media management and power -- multi-core, 64 bit. But from iMovie 11 I see

    1. Totally integrated visual sound editing, live with all the tools from Sound Track Pro. Who wants to go out to a sperate application. No need.
    2. Which means proper titling software is truly built in
    3. And of course effects are now much simpler to apply and preview. Perhaps the left hand window is completely context sensitive -- effects, sound editing, or source footage -- with the ability to edit in that window with dragging a selection area and cut into the timeline
    4. Of course there will be some sort of realtime compression as you continue to work. And the compression engine will be completely overhauled.

    DVD Studio Pro needs a complete overhaul too and should support blu-ray authoring. Perhaps the bag of hurt is coming to Lion :) But burners will be Thunderbolt external only, making it of use primarily to content creators protecting Apple's Digital Download model. But at least thunderbolt is fast enough to allow for the fastest blu-ray burners.

    Anyhow, some of these changes speak to the rumor of a more consumer version. It will be MORE powerful than iMovie 11, but include live effects and powerful sound editing without having to exit the application, much like iMovie. Of course media management (final cut server) will be vastly improved and integrated into this one version. Enjoy!
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    Me. I'd rather have applications tailored to a single area than have one giant bloated one.

    Whaddaya mean by this?

    I think the only thing that's kept FCS's Blu-ray support limited so far is the would-be awkwardness of offering software that their driveless hardware cannot work with. I don't know where that leaves things. Perhaps Apple with pimp a third-party external drive, because I don't see them releasing an Apple-branded one.

    I can't be bothered thinking up my own detailed predictions at this juncture, but I reckon if Apple pinned this release on revolutionising media management — and I mean something that takes you right through the whole post-production process — it'd be a gamechanger/showstopper/whatever-OTT-phrase-you-prefer.
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    Aug 15, 2008
    There was some good speculation going on at the PreNAB Editor's Lounge. Mark Raudonis was one of the few that got to see the new FCP at Apple recently.

    Of course he couldn't say much due to the NDA. I'm still excited to see what the big changes are, but I'm not very optimistic after watching this. Luckily we're likely only a few days away from finding out for sure.

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