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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by Agnoslibertine, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Agnoslibertine macrumors member


    Oct 5, 2011
    So I am about to change my life, go for a mac. (actually writing this post on my girlfriends Mac air 11, that I bought for her)

    I love to video edit movies on youtube etc.
    my movies are 3-15 minutes long.

    I normally use PowerDirector (which works great, except that there are no good color calibrating tools).

    I want a mac foremost for video edit, but also blog a lot, and it would be really cool to have a mac air.

    But I think that for Final cut pro x, I will probably need the iMac 27 inch.

    My questions are as followed:
    1.) does final cut pro have support for quad core, does it help to have quad core compared to dual core?

    2.) How does the ram change things? where does it help, if you go 4 gb, or 8 gb, or does one really need 16gb?

    3.) Does the graphics card make a difference in Final cut pro?'

    4.) What about the SSD, does it make much difference in final cut pro?

    I would love to have the macbook air 13, but I get a feeling I will need the iMac if I want the full potential of Final Cut pro.
    What do you guys think?

    ps. I did try a 40 sec clip on my gfs mac air 11.
  2. cgbier macrumors 6502a

    Jun 6, 2011
    You don't need a 27" iMac. FCP X works perfectly on my 2010 15" MBP. It only goes on its knees if I do multimega layer projects in Motion.
    Besides the smallish screen and the lousy GPU you should do fine with 13" - better than the MBA (wife got one... not good for editing)

    1.) Yes and yes.
    2.) The more RAM, the better playback will be, and the less disk access is needed. 8GB are fine, but better are 16, 32, 64...
    3.) Yes.
    4.) Don't have one, but I'd imagine yes. For hardcore ProRes editing I think they are too small though.
  3. Soura2112 macrumors 6502

    Jun 26, 2008
    Mac air will work

    A MacBook air will work but you would be limiting yourself in many areas.
    I'm not sure how detailed your editing is if it's basic then mostly fine, p,us they have the trial version now. Though you may get into the editing even more when you go with a Mac, a large hard drive is good and the more ram the better. So a MacBook Pro may be a better choice. Plus you get the optical drive. You may end up buying more external drives with a MacBook Air and of course an optical if you want DVDs made.
    You don't need an iMac or Mac Pro to edit, you just get a larger hard drive and larger ram choices. Plus I hate editing on a touch pad so you may want to get a mouse too, there are great ones for editing.

    If you buy FCX on your account then you could download them on your new Mac, so then you can see how a Mac Air will do. Though it must be your account to download FCX on your other accounts.

    I do not own a SSD drive though I would imagine it would work great. Can't wait for SSD to become cheaper since I buy TB drives and I can't afford that.

    MacBook Air is very cool I just don't recommend it for editing. I would definatly do the trial version first and see how it goes. Good luck!
  4. matteusclement macrumors 65816


    Jan 26, 2008
    I edit on a quad core with 8gigs of ram and an ati hd4870
    I upgraded to the 4870 because COLOR in FCP uses the GPU to render. Trust me, on my old imac, color correction was an all night affair (render). But as far as inside the Final cut porgram, the GPU is dead weight.
    The quad core helps, the 8 core would be epic.
    Ive never had the need for more Ram, but it's nice.

    If you're making a lot of videos, I like the ability to have the macpro body for more hard drives, though with FW800 and TB, I think that's going to change.
    The new quad core imacs are pretty beefy and could do the trick. save some $$$ for an extra monitor. dual screen is epic.

    The SSD should be bought right away for the imac if you can because upgrading it latter is going to be ugly.

    But at this point, the imac and a quad core MP are pretty close in price.

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