Final Cut Pro very long render times

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    Jun 10, 2010
    I'm using a 2010 Mac Pro with FCP and I've imported a .m4v file (6 mins, 36.5 K/Sec, MPEG-4, 1024x768). When I put it in the timeline and then increase the speed or something so it requires rendering it is saying it will take 3 hours with a message saying "Writing video...". Surely I must be doing something wrong but I'm new to FCP so I don't know what. Any ideas?

    Another thing worrying me is in FCP "System Settings" it is saying the maximum memory is 2560mb even though I have 6gb.
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    Wait for June for next version FCPX. Render times will be more faster (or real time) because it will use all the available cores on your MacPro.

    See this video just the time when Demos the Real Time Render on FCPX.

    This too.

    The current FCP 7 does not use all the cores.

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