Final Cut Pro X: Can I make a bank or folder of clips?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by alexjholland, Aug 18, 2013.

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    Hi, I'm using Final Cut Pro X to edit a wakeboard movie, having made a snowboard movie over Christmas, which came out well.

    My editing style involves going through the hours of footage, taking out every decent sequence (trick or something cool) and chucking them onto the timeline, which ends up working as my 'bank' and being very messy.

    I then choose a song, work out my intro clip, then take it from there, building forwards; editing the clips into the rhythm of the song - creating order out of chaos.

    What I'd really like, is some kind of folder (or similar) for me to chuck the clips into as I pick them out of my footage, so my process then will be:

    - Go through hours of raw footage, building a bank of clips (tricks etc)
    - Put song on timeline
    - Pluck pre-clipped clips out of my bank/folder of them, to place one at a time onto my nice, clean timeline and edit into place

    Is this, or similar, possible?
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    Check out the Keywords and Ratings video (topic number 3) from:

    You can check ou some of the other videos too in order to get a feel for Izzy's suggested workflow (looks like some good ideas for me as a beginner). Found a link to this site from another MR thread and found it very helpful although maybe not so much for you if you have already been working with FCP-X.


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