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Jun 23, 2012
Mason, OH
I need to export an mp4 file from Final Cut Pro X, but the only option is Quicktime (.mov). I know that Compressor will do this, but I don't have Compressor. Is there any way of doing this without Compressor? Can you just rename the extension since it is just a container? Or do I need software to convert it?
Nov 28, 2010
You could use Share > Apple Devices and select the iMac for size and see, if that brings you any luck.
Or you export as .mov using the editing codec and either use HandBrake and one of its preset to transcode to an .mp4 or use MPEG Streamclip to transcode to an .mp4 with your desired settings.
Nov 28, 2010
Thanks! Exporting to Apple Devices worked.

Just as an update on file size, I exported a 34 seconds 1080p video from FCP X via Share > Apple Devices and got a 27 MB file.
Then I used FCP X > CMD+E to export a .mov with current settings, which would be ProRes422 in my case and then used the resulting .mov (433 MB) in HandBrake and the Regular > Normal profile to get an .mp4 of around 12 MB.
The second process (CMD+E plus HandBrake) took as long as the first one (Apple Devices).


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Jan 30, 2019
I use Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate as my primary video converter. It can convert any video to over 1000 formats at 30X faster speed without quality loss.
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