Final Cut Pro X Questions.


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Jan 5, 2012
Hi I just got a Sony CX360V camcorder and I am recording my video in 1080p60i when I connect the camcorder to my TV it shows that its 1080p but when I upload'em in final cut pro x the show as 1080i does anyone know why and how to keep 1080p quality. Also I just want to edit my files and then keep them in a external hardrive or a blu-ray disc but I dont want to effect the quality. Also my camcorder records also in 1080 60p but can't see them in Final cut pro X anybody know why?


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Jun 26, 2002
This topic is iffy at times.
To date is there a display system that plays back such a fps format?
Not that I know off.
Most of my work and others locally shoot for 1080p 29.97fps.
Heck if Im gonna wish big itll be a 4K display that does 24/48fps ;)