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Apr 7, 2005
I was considering buying the Final Cut Pro studio. It is $1300, but if I buy it through my school, I can get it for $500. The difference is that it is Final Cut Pro Studio - Academic. Is there a difference between the two just because its academic? . . . or not?

Laslo Panaflex

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May 1, 2003
Well, techinically you can't use the Acedemic version for profit, ie you can't use it to edit anything that someone is paying you for, it is a direct violation of the license.


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Nov 9, 2004
Salt Lake City, UT
AFAIK, you can't upgrade with the Academic version. So for example, if you have Final Cut Pro HD (4.5) Academic, and you want to upgrade to Final Cut Pro 5, you have to pay full price again, the upgrade pricing doesn't apply. Also, the new Final Cut Pro Studio is $699 for educational customers. I don't know why they increased the academic price but not the regular price, but they did :(. I bought the old one a few weeks ago for $499, and I'm actually glad I did, because I don't think the upgrades are worth the $200 more you have to pay now.

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