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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by videoed, Jan 21, 2011.

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    Hi, we are 3 editors that work with a set of common files that get used repeatedly.

    One of us focuses on random small projects that pop up and he often uses archived footage.

    Two of us focus on the daily grind projects where we are generally alone on seeing it through from start to finish.

    Fairly regularly, we pass off small projects from within the larger project to another editor to help us meet deadlines.

    Currently, we transfer project files, static images, etc through wireless network, and we transfer video files and project files onto an external hard drive.

    Could we benefit from Final Cut Server?

    If so, what does a setup look like?

    Is it a host server with the ability to swap external RAID's, etc?

    Is it a fibre connection between edit stations and the server?


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    Final Cut Server is asset management software. It's not an actual server.

    If you are looking to have one pool of storage that everyone is connected to and works from you are looking for a SAN. Apple offers a first party solution called Xsan but it's based on the soon to be discontinued Xserves so I wouldn't recommend it. EditShare makes ethernet based SANs that are very fast and they also offer asset management solutions too. If you are more technically inclined there is a guide over at the CreativeCOW detailing how you can build your own SAN.

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    Another solution is to get an older Mac and set it up as a Networked File Store (I use a Intel iMac for this with a few external drives, and a G4/450 for permanent archiving to Tape).

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