finalizing iMac upgrades with SSD, opinions/technical assistance

Discussion in 'iMac' started by ZMacintosh, Apr 25, 2013.

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    Alright, think I've figured a few solutions for my iMac i want to upgrade/configure.

    The goal is to keep it as quiet and cool as possible, with less mechanical parts as possible.

    Just getting a few opinions that others may recommend.

    Option 1 - Awesome, but not ideal 4TB+960GB SSD Fusion

    Option 2 - Attractive - remove HDD, add HDD power jumper, remove Apple OEM SSD, replace with 960GB SSD, less mechanical parts is the goal.

    Option 3 - Next best, concerned with SATA speeds. Remove HDD, replace with HDD power jumper (keep fans normal), remove OEM SSD and Optical drive replace with 2x960GB SSD RAID 0 - fast, quiet, cool, no moving parts sans Fans.

    only problem with Option 3 I have is will the SSD on the 6Gbps sata connector slow down to match the SSD on the 3Gbps SATA channel in a RAID 0 config?

    Will have thunderbolt storage with a 4TB Pegasus.
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    While I understand your ideal set-up, It might be easier to just leave the HDD in the iMac if you can. the hassle of reversing and taking out the SATA cable to replace it with a jumper (logic board removal, etc) is definitely a pain in the ass.

    I recommend Option 1, get a nice sized drive 2TB-4TB + the 960 SSD and fuse it together that way you dont necessarily need to invest in a Pegasus quite yet, you got internal storage that should take care of a lot.

    hope that helps.

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