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Mar 20, 2016
No regrets from here on out. After much deliberation i finally made a decision. This was the best choice i could make if im thinking about the future for my personal finance. Im going to invest my savings instead of buying a more expensive machine. I found that this model is best fit for me going forward as im not a heavy user. Its better to save. Thanks for all the advice for those i messaged privately.
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Jun 16, 2014
Houston, Texas
I just did the same. It's a fantastic machine. I haven't noticed any issues with performance or speed. The last MB I had was a 2013 Air and this seems to be just as fast if not faster. Like you though, I don't do anything heavy. I was waiting for the 2016 refresh to see if they would add another USB C port. Once it was confirmed that they didn't, the 2015 was the easy choice.
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Mar 5, 2008
The Woodlands, TX
Me too. $929 for the 2015 refurb vs. $1299 for the 2016. It doesn't seem worth the extra $370. Unfortunately, mine was damaged during shipping and I'll have to wait until Tuesday to begin using it.


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Jun 25, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
I was going to get the 2016 M7 256GB model but now I'm leaning towards the base 2015 refurb. I'm going to buy it while in Portland next month (saves me $90 in tax) so I still have a while to decide. I think the ultraportable laptop with retina screen segment is going to be improving a lot in the next couple years. Walt Mossberg has said that he has heard from sources at Apple that they have plans to make big changes to the Macbook line. For $929 I can afford to upgrade within 2 years whereas the $1549 2016 M7 model would need to last me 4-5 years to make sense. I've been on a 2011 13" MBA i5 for almost 5 years so I think the 2015 rMB will be just fine for a couple years.
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