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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by NT1440, Jul 26, 2009.

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    May 18, 2008
    Hey guys, if you're not familiar with me, I've been a member here since may 08 and finally just a little over a year later (not to mention nearly 5,000 posts :eek:) it looks like i'll be getting my first mac, the 13" MBP. Apparently we're buying it in store so I had a few questions:

    1. I know that I can upgrade to 4 GB of RAM for an additional $90 online (I'm well aware that id be better off doing this myself but my dad seems to want them to do it so im not going to fight him), will they do this in the store when I purchase my macbook? That will be the only upgrade. Also, if they do, about how long am I looking to wait for the upgrade?

    2. I'm buying iwork, will it just be preinstalled or will I also receive the disk?

    3. I'm not sure on the details of the up to date program, but am I correct that for $14.99 I will get a copy of SL mailed to me upon its release?

    4. I'm going to be buying a cheap 19"+ lcd monitor soon as well as a bluetooth keyboard, any suggestions what to look for on ebay or craiglist? I want something sleek and without any annoying led lights on the front to bother me when I'm working in the dark. ? I really liked some of HP's I've seen, im looking to spend $130 max new or used.

    5. I'm not so sure how the education discount and back to school sale work. I'm going to be attending college in september, but I have business cards with my name and email from the school, would this suffice to ensure I can get the education discount? Also, instead of the free 8GB touch, I'll need the 16GB to match what I have now. I've heard that in-store I can just pay the $70 difference and be on my way, does anyone know if this is correct?

    Thanks so much guys, this community is simply amazing and finally after almost a year of saving up, I'll finally actually be able to have my own mac to help me contribute here. :)
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    1. I don't believe they do it in store anymore, although I could be wrong.
    2. You will get the disk if you buy in-store
    3. It's $9.99
    4. The HP's are a good choice, but at 19" you can def. find something in the price range
    5. Apple seems to be doing random checks as opposed to in prior years hawking the edu people. An acceptance letter or something that shows that you are going there should suffice. But, many have gotten away with people just asking.
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    2. It comes preinstalled, you can activate the full version buy purchasing it.

    3. I don't know if it will be mailed, but you definitely get it for cheaper.

    5. If you have a school ID just show that. They might take a business card, who knows. Maybe you'll need to get a nice employee. ;)

    I'm glad to see you getting a Mac your knowledge about them will grow and you'll soon be helping others in no time. :) Congrats!!!
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    Mar 23, 2005
    2. In store you're going to get the iWork retail package.


    4. Check out Dell's site. Their 18.5/19" monitors run for less than $130 nowadays. I got a 19" for $123 including taxes back in December.

    5. Take your acceptance letter or school ID.
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    Jul 23, 2009
    1 & 2. If you can I suggest you buy your Mac online through the Apple store since you can configure your MBP however you like. When you purchase iWork online Apple will pre-install it and you will also get the disk.

    3. With the up to date program you can purchase Snow Leopard for $9.95 and Apple will mail you the disk when it is released.

    4. Dell always has sales on monitors, they had a 19" ultra sharp for $99 the other day. Cheap bluetooth keyboards and mice can be had from Dell, HP, and other companies just look around

    5. Most of the time you need a class schedule or student ID in store to use the student discount, you may get by with your business card however depending on the employee. You can also show your letter of acceptance and that may work. The rebate is a mail in rebate so you pay full price for you touch including taxes and get the rebate check in the mail or direct deposit.
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