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    This is for anyone that's been frustrated with the available solutions for pointing devices when you're not using a trackpad on your macbook. I finally found something that I love, so maybe someone out there can benefit from this, too.

    I don't know about anyone else, but when using a macbook connected to a monitor, or an iMac, or any "desktop configuration" Mac - you need a good pointing device that's fast and accurate. If you're working in a desktop environment, for me that means you're doing some more intense stuff that requires some more accurate pointing. I've struggled for the longest time trying to find a solution that works for me. I really love the trackpad on the macbooks, and that works well on the macbook itself. But over the past year or so I've tried a number of different solutions when using a mac in a desktop configuration, and NOTHING seemed to work well! I've tried...

    1) Magic Trackpad. I thought this would be a huge win. In some cases it is. I like the gesture system and everything, but for some reason when the keyboard and trackpad aren't arranged like they are on a macbook, it just feels strange. I also found that finite movements with the cursor were a little cumbersome when you had the trackpad next to the keyboard (where the mouse would normally go). This lead me to try a product from BulletTrain that puts your keyboard and trackpad in a macbook like arrangement, but even that had its own issues too. It was awkward to type, and my palms always touched the trackpad because it's so much bigger than the trackpad on the macs. This had the cursor jumping all over the place when I was typing. So, I bailed on this and then tried...

    2) Magic Mouse. This was pretty good, but the Magic Mouse just does NOT feel good in my hand at all. It doesn't contour to my hand well, and I always felt I had to hold it awkwardly. It had pretty accurate movements, but it was also wireless. This meant you needed to replace the batteries, and it didn't have all of the gestures that you could do on the trackpad. Overall, I wasn't pleased with the experience! So then I tried...

    3) A regular mouse that I had used for a long time that I was very comfortable with on my old PC. It's a wired USB Logitech G5 laser mouse. It was built for gaming, and I don't think they make this model anymore. This was definitely the most accurate and felt the best in my hand, bar none! BUT, there were no OSX drivers for it, so none of the other buttons worked. This meant I couldn't use the back button in my browsers, and there was also no gesturing for things like mission control. Sigh. I was getting fed up at this point. But THEN, it finally dawned on me recently. So I tried...

    4) Using my regular G5 mouse with the BetterTouchTool! Many people probably already know about this, but it's essentially freeware that lets you take control of all the functions of your mice, keyboards, trackpads, etc. Luckily this software recognized ALL of the buttons on my G5. So, I was able to map these buttons to the functions I wanted. My back button works well now in browsers and the finder. I then mapped my other buttons as follows, but you could obviously do whatever you want. When you push the scroll wheel left, it launches mission control. When you push the scroll wheel right, it shows the desktop. Left click and right click work as designed. Pressing down the scroll wheel over a word looks it up in the dictionary. Holding function on the keyboard and pressing the scroll wheel left opens launch pad. It's all very seamless and quick, and the mouse feels great in my hand.

    So I've FINALLY found something that makes for a great desktop experience. If anyone else out there is struggling to find the same thing, I recommend you try method number 4. You might find it as awesome as I do. The possibilites that you can do with various mappings are almost limitless with the BTT. And best of all, it seems to recognize all of the buttons on whatever mouse it is that you love best without needing to install drivers. Cheers!

    EDIT - Here's the website for the BetterTouchTool.
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    It was superseded by the Logitech G500.

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