Finally getting my macbook tomorrow...

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by rmwebs, Dec 8, 2007.

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    Apr 6, 2007
    Hi all,

    I can now (finally) afford my MacBook! I got a huge tax rebate this month as I recently started a new job and was on a stupid tax rate....was getting almost £50 ($100) a week taken away in tax!

    They gave it all back to me yesterday along with my weekly paycheck so it means I can afford the mid-range MacBook. I was going to go for the basic one but now I can afford a bit more, the mid range one is better. Bigger HDD and superdrive :D

    Quick question:

    I'm going to get it from Brent Cross (UK) Apple store tomorrow. Should I phone and check they have them in stock first? Not sure what the stocking is like over Xmas you see...

    Also, can anyone recommend a good carry case from a UK supplier? I spent a few hours looking yesterday but couldn't find any other than eBay.

    I would like an over the shoulder type bag for it. Anyone know a UK online retailer that would sell them AND accept PayPal payments?

    Apple (Online) don't accept PayPal, do they?

    And one last thing. (Steve jobs style :p)

    Is getting .Mac worth it? I want to be able to sync files and such...mainly itunes. I have setup bandwagon as I knew I would be getting a MacBook a few months ago. Its synced all my songs and videos to my server however I want to know if .mac has options for media syncing or even streaming.

    I basically need to know what benefit .mac would be to me as apple's description of it is fairly vague.

    Thanks for your time guys....its much appreciated :)

    Rick :apple:
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    They should have loads of them in stock but you could always call and check. In my opinion, eBay is the best bet for cases. Get one of the wet suit style cases, they're great (although don't expect it to stop any badness if you drop it - its mainly for scratches only.
    In regards to dot Mac, well its a matter of opinion. Personally, I absolutely love the syncing of my contacts, calendar, bookmarks etc. I don't use the email but I do use the web hosting. If you get dot mac, have a look at eBay prices - they're generally a lot cheaper. BTW Dot Mac doesn't sync media.
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    Sep 18, 2007
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    In terms of cases, you could also try

    But like someone says above, Apple online also has a good selection of cases, most of them of very good quality. Perhaps you could make a note of the case you desire from the Apple Store online, and then do a search for that particular type on the shop comparison websites as well as eBay.

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