finally going Tiger, now what?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by eclipse525, Mar 12, 2006.

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    ok, I apologize for such a newbie question, when I'm really not. For whatever reason I'm not sure how to accomplish this properly. I'm upgrading my old G4 iMac to 10.4 BUT I've decided to do a complete NEW install and wipe everything off and start fresh. I really don't have much room left on my external drive. At this point I just want/need to get the basics backed off. How do I back off all my Mail and mailboxes? I'd like to do the same with Address book and Safari. Thanks for any help of step by steps. This is stressful. <LOL>

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    Drag the mail folder inside of home folder to the ext. drive
    do the same for the safari folder etc ..

    Then once you got all the folders that you want to keep..

    Finally you can do erase'n install of tiger.. Re-drag the items back into home folder (Tiger of Course) hopefully i got all the info right since the last time i re-installed was a month ago.. If i'm wrong on some steps,some1 will correct my steps :eek: :eek:
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    Most of the procedures in this article should help you find the files you need to back up from Panther** and restore in Tiger... :)

    ** Some files might have slightly different names/locations, like the iCal Calendars, but you should find most of them easily, ask if there's someone you don't find...

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