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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by chrisi29, Nov 14, 2008.

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    Oct 15, 2008
    Hey guys!

    I finally received my MacBookPro yesterday after 2 weeks of waiting ! I got the CTO 2.4 GHZ model:D
    The first thing I did (after taking lots of photographs:D) was to check if there were any crooked keys but luckily I couldn't find any! The battery cover is a bit loose but It's nothing to be annoyed about in my opinion.

    The MacBook Pro itself looks absolutely gorgeous! I really had my concerns about the Design and all but now that it's in my hands on my desk I absolutely love the design! The screen is really good also! Haven't noticed any bad reflections yet and the machine's dead silent the whole time. I'm just so scared I might scratch the screen or the aluminium enclosure... I know this baby's solid but It just feels so fragile. :D

    I like the OS alot. I just have to get used to some things that differ from Windows. I just love how the desktop looks so clean with the dock and the beautiful wallpaper! (Heck! This wallpaper is one of the reasons I bought a MacBook in the first place xD)

    Woow what a difference between this baby and my "old" HP Pavilion Notebook. It was loud, had a terrible screen, was heavier and had Vista -.-

    That's about everything! I'll post some pics soon!

    Greets from Switzerland!
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    Warped lid?

    Congrats to your new machine!

    Could you please do me a favor and check whether the gap in between the lid and the bottom part of your computer is even, or whether one of the corners of the lid is slightly warped upwards, leaving a larger gap at one side?

    I received my MBP two days ago and absolutely love it. But mine has a slightly warped lid. Reading this forum, I understand that many MBPs have that issue. It only seems that most people out there are more reasonable than myself and just don't care.

    Hope you can understand my Denglish (Deutsch-English) ;)

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    Congrats on your new MBP. You'll enjoy it hugely - I've a MBP and am very happy with it. May both you and your MBP live ong together and prosper.

    Cheers and good luck
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    Sep 13, 2008
    Congrats!! Enjoy your baby! I am loving it since 2 weeks ago!
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    Welcome to Mac! You'll discover things for quite a while using OS X that will continue to surprise, and delight you. The whole anti-virus thing becomes almost a non-issue, installs/uninstalls are so much easier, quicklook in the finder (or by two-finger click/right click on file) is such a time saver, exposé and spaces can change your workflow, and tons of other little things.

    I love the trackpad on my older MBP 2.2 SR, which doesn't have the multi-touch gestures, but is actually perfect for how I work. I hated trackpads until I got this machine. It's extremely precise, only requires a feather touch, and with spaces and expose enabled on lower left and right corners of the display, I can access them with a simple flick of my finger. Enabling two-finger clicking for contextual menus becomes so natural that needing a second button seems actually silly. I prefer the big, single button that I can use with either hand. Also, two-finger scrolling for up/down or left/right is so intuitive that I'm spoiled.

    I'm not sure on the new model with the 'no-button' button if it works exactly the same way, since what I do for a two-finger click would actually be seen as a three-finger click on the new models. Also clicking and dragging might be a little more strange, since it could accidentally be seen as a gesture. I think I still would rather keep the single, large button and trackpad separate.

    Anyway, welcome again to the Mac family. :)

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