Finally received my spare/backup Space Gray KB and MM2

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    Subject: Finally received my spare/backup Space Gray KB and MM2

    I know there has been another posting about this kind of, but it was associated with people wanting to obtain the Space Gray Trackpad. In my case I wanted spare/backup Space Gray KB and MM2 in the event they stopped working, got lost or stolen, and I sure did not want to have white KB and MM2 to go with my iMP.

    Here what happened in my effort to secure my spare/backup Space Gray KB and MM2.

    1) At first I tried to get these accessories via a telephone call to AppleCare. They at first said it cannot be done, but eventually after going through six levels of people was able to get some traction and had them sent to me. Unfortunately when they arrived I found they were the white ones... bummer. So had to return them to avoid being charged some $199.20.

    2) So for about a week later I decided to gave it another try and used the Chat feature. Again, this was fraught with being told it cannot be done as there are no Serial Numbers associated with the Space Gray items so they cannot be ordered. Again, after a while chatting another higher level person came onboard and continued the chat. Eventually this worked out and the accessories were ordered. They arrived today and they are the Space Gray items. Great..... They were spendy, but IMO worth it to have them as spares/backup for future.

    Talk about "pulling teeth..." :rolleyes:

    Here's my Chat session attached.... (edited to remove my personal data).

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  2. iMacDonald, Feb 27, 2018
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    I skimmed over the session. Lol. Reminds me of the early 2000s chatting with friends all night long on yahoo messenger and then wondering how you missed making dinner and where the whole evening went!

    Seems crazy they just don't sell these peripherals in these colours now. I can understand they perhaps wanted to wait on the iMac Pro launch, but afterwards everyone should be able to buy them in the space grey colours. People who have iMac Pros and does who haven't surely. How can Apple possibly lose out? an extra $0.20 for the paint job?

    Congrats on getting your backup units anyway.
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    Why did you have to order a back-up now instead of when (if) you will actually need it? Is buying spares for your iMac Pro restricted by some kind of a time frame after the purchase date?
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    I just used online chat several times with Apple Support until I found one who understood how to place such order for me. I don't even have an iMac Pro. :p
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    If the KB and/or MM2 were to fail I have backups at the ready.... it's that simple.

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