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    As a Marketing Senior about to graduate with a focus in retail and advertising and promotion I find it hilarious to see some commercials out there. Anyone noticed these highly prevalent on the NBA finals games and ESPN, probably every where else also. Mac computers are highly recognizable for their appearance and form factor. When I saw an iMac G5 pre-iSight and an iBook with a Blue Screen of Death while the lady was trying to check her email I thought it was absolutely hilarious. Especially when the commercial states that is strictly for use on PCs. Any comments on this ad, or other blatantly 'contradicting' ads featuring Apple computers as PCs?
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    1: I actually did a forum search for this before posting, yeah me!

    2: I just saw the ad and was about to punish my television. This is an example of non-technical people in marketing roles. Try being a total tech nerd. You can't go to movies without getting serious heartburn. I've almost walked out of a few times. I've taken my share of marketing classes, and none of them were in concert with technical courses, so it doesn't surprise me at all.
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    I saw that commercial on a local channel at 3 AM about a year ago. Almost killed myself laughing so hard. :D
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    Sep 10, 2008
    i died laughing first time i saw this commercial hahahaha
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    I'd understand showing it on Intel-based Macs, because Windows can run on them, but showing that on PPC-based Macs is just plain stupidity. If I was in charge of I'd fire the idiots who made that commercial.
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    I saw this ad for the first time yesterday, and was riveted by the repeated showing of their service "fixing" several Macs, one of which was apparrently having some sort of issue getting a web-based email service to send an email, and then stating they don't service macs, and then showing the old PPC imac Bluescreening!

    As parts of my brain silently screamed at other parts of my brain, I sat transfixed, but realized no one else in the bar had any clue about what they were seeing, and I'd be a tremendous dork to explain it all in my enraged state, to no effect. So instead, I got very drunk and fell out of my chair.

    What a strange, strange thing, this commercial. Definitely one for the record books.
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    Holy thread ressurection!

    Anyways, the funniest thing about it, is that they knew enough to write "Finalfast is for PC computers only," but they didn't have the brains to not put Macs in it...Brilliant.
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    Their target audience will never know the difference, so it's not important. It's not too bad for a low budget advert really. I have seen much worse from bigger companies.
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    I had touched on this in another thread found here

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