Financing new series 4 and gift cards

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by Pez555, Oct 7, 2018.

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    ok so I plan on getting the Series 4. I have a series 0.

    I want to get the series 4 on finance.

    The nearest apple store to me is an hour away so in order to trade in my current watch I would have to do it online and then receive the gift card. I have just been speaking to an apple advisor and they informed me that I can use the gift card against the purchase of the new watch (the gift card amount being taken off the total of the new watch and then finance is calculated after).

    Now this got me thinking, can you use more than 1 gift card to take off the total, thus making the monthly payments even lower? Can anyone shed some light onto this?
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    I traded my s3 n at the store and they put the money directly on the credit card that I used to purchase the new watch. Before doing this I chatted with Apple support about mailing in the trade, and they told me I'd get a gift card.
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    Thanks. I suppose the real question to this thread is can you use more than one gift card to reduce the monthly payments when choosing finance?
  4. Relentless Power, Oct 7, 2018
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    Yes, in theory, if you want to use more than one gift card towards the Apple Watch, you can technically, which will lower the price of the Apple Watch, thus making your monthly charge lower due to the deducted price.

    (Side Note: For any online purchases, you can use a total of eight gift cards.)

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