Find a fun game, I can only hold 128 seconds. Cool and very difficult

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  1. szzg007, Sep 24, 2014
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    Sep 24, 2014
    Find a game, Chinese heroes of the story, perhaps the ninja. In short, the action is very cool, but I only adhere to 132 seconds, do not know if there is no other people can persist longer?
    You can fly, but the need to obtain prop. I made up to two, is also can be in the air much jump two times, may be more. But I failed.
    Props by a white dog sent. But sometimes send weapons. The use of weapons can cut off the trap, the effect of good. I heard that there is a BOSS, but I didn't stick to there. You who can stick to the BOSS? Can I have a look at the screenshots give?
    You may be smarter than I am.
    This game is good. Than a bird fun.:D

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