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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by DELINDA, Feb 6, 2009.

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    I have been looking everywhere that I can think of to find out where to register a camera so that when I connect , it will be detected . A friend has asked me to help her with iphoto . The first thing I was going to do was to see if her camera will be detected by her apple . I can't figure out where to go . Do I have to connect the camera first ? I thought there was a list to click on somewhere on the mac to let it know what I am using . Thanks
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    Or failing that run Image Capture in the Applications folder, go to the Preferences for that application and tell it what to do when the camera is connected.
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    All camera use either one of two standard protocols, so tot he software they all look alike. Many camera let you switch between the two. One is "pict bridge" that is for cameras. the other is "mass storage" which is exactly the same as a USB disk drive. There is no need to do anything except connect the camera
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    It can actually take awhile depending on the quality of the camera and how fast your computer is. Just connect it, be patient and it will come up.
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    find my camera

    Thanks for the help . This was an exercise just to see where and if the camera being used is listed . I remember apple posting an update for the G10 . But I can't remember where I saw the list (I have a G10). A friend wants me to help her organize her photo's , I thought , first , I should see if her camera is listed . It probably is , but I just wanted to see . Now I did go to finder>image cap. app.>command open and got nothing . No window . Now I am thinking what's with this . Anyway , thanks . I'II find something , I just need to keep looking .
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    So I think you need 'Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 2.4' on top of Mac os 10.5.5

    "Supported by Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 2.4

    Canon EOS 5D Mark II
    Canon PowerShot G10
    Pentax K2000/K-m
    Leaf AFi-II 6
    Leaf AFi-II 7
    Leaf Aptus-II 6
    Leaf Aptus-II 7
    Leica M8.2"

    This is for RAW compatibility, it doesn't matter for JPEGs or for downloading, this is what you are thinking of.

    Edit - oops, I see the camera you are looking for isn't the G10, but if it's RAWs you're worried about, look at this list, otherwise, it should work. You're probably not even concerned with RAW.

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