Find My Friends Based on Apple Watch?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by CodeSpyder, Sep 10, 2016.

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    This is what I really wanted. My son is special and drifts at times when we're at a theme park. It would be great if he had an Apple Watch 2 and I could find him based on his Apple Watch's location. I know that this would require WiFi, but some theme parks have WiFi, and if push comes to shove, there is alway MiFi.

    If Find My Friends does not exist for Apple Watch, I could see a way to do it using CloudKit. Let's call the app TheApp.
    1. TheApp on the watch would periodically upload the user's location using CloudKit (public database) with a unique uuid that is known to the person who's interested in the location. CloudKit API is now available in Apple Watch apps.
    2. The user who's interested downloads the data record using TheApp (from the public database) with that uuid and obtains the person's location.
    3. When the app quits, the record can be deleted from the pubic database.

    Questions remain, like how unique is a uuid, etc.
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    Why not just use the AppleID? Have it just like Friend Finder that you have to opt in. (obviously, you'll need at least both iPhone as well as Watch version of the apps). Could extend to MacOS and/or Web access later.
    Your handshake / authorization would create a shared security key. So that way people can't find a way of just entering Apple ID's into their local App memory storage area on their device (ie. a hack). (your call if you also want to extend the security even further by having a secure key for each conversation / session).
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    Just saw your "Find my Watch" thread. You DO know you can do that from your iPhone today, right? With activation lock on your Apple Watch, you can just go to the "Find my iPhone" web site (aka and use it to see the last known reported location of your watch. :) only works on known wifi networks. But if you had mifi setup, that would still report back. (has to be an 802.11b/g/n network on the 2.4GHz band).

    Also, with Family sharing - you see all of the other family devices - so you would see your son's watch there.

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