Find My Friends - Effect on Battery Life

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by gavroche, Sep 29, 2014.

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    So, hypothetically speaking... if i got someone that is checking my location constantly (don't ask!) using Find My Friends... how much effect does this have on my battery life?
    I have checked battery usage (which for my first couple full charges has not been good).... and where it lists usage by app, it does NOT list Find My Friends. So in which category does it lump this? My guess would be under Home & Lock Screen.. since this category seems to have far too much power usage....? It must be drawing battery, and so why is it it not listed?

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    If your phone is being queried, it's not the Find My Friends app that responds (it doesn't need to be running for someone to find you), so it makes sense that it doesn't show up as a battery user. It must be some service, not an app, so either it's not on the list or as you suggested it may be lumped under the "Home & Lock Screen". The numbers do add up to 100%, and there isn't a "miscellaneous" category.
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    Like mentioned and assumed I would say home and lock screen as well.
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    What did you do to inspire such trust issues?

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