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    Has anyone had issues with the find a friends app showing movement when sat still? I was sat in a restaurant last night and my partner checked to see if I had left and it showed my moving down a road? It stopped for 5/10mins and then moved back to the restaurant. Of course this has caused a lot of trouble between us as he now thinks I'm lying! There was a storm, don't know if this makes a difference? Has anybody else had similar issues? Really upset about this. His argument is as it showed movement and not jumping it must have been accurate and I am most definitely lying! I never once left the restaurant until I had finished and I left to go home. No returning to the restaurant. No dropping people off. Nothing other than back to the car and straight back home #
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    Find My Friends isn't "live" - It's not going to move that dot every x number of seconds, it's a location snapshot taken at the time the request was made. The snapshots are not always pinpoint accurate, especially on the first "hit" as evidenced if you bring up Apple Maps and see that wider light blue circle surrounding the blue dot. Circle can start out very big, but gets smaller and dot moves as the phone gets a better bearing on where it actually is. Find My Friends could put your dot anywhere inside that circle's "margin of error"

    So Find My Friends isn't wrong, but it's not always pinpoint accurate. It will place you within a quarter mile or so, not within 30 feet, and it won't refresh in real time. Good luck with your partner... some may feel there may be bigger issues in play here than the accuracy of a smartphone.
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    This just happened to me I showed me driving when I was already at my brothers house and now my boyfriend thinks I was lying and left me
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    I still can't figure out these one and done thread resurrections.

    Find My Friends is an indicator, not an absolute.

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