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    I'm the IT manager for my company and we recently staring making the switch from Blackberry to iPhone. I got each user to set up their iPhone with their own iTunes/iCloud account to avoid creating a single company account that I'd have to monitor for excessive purchases.
    Although I can easily get each of them to set up the Find my Friends app and track where the phone is located at any time, I'm restricted from doing so from my computer (unless I'm mistaken and there's a desktop version) but more importantly, I would very much like to be able to use the Find my iPhone features like alerts, remote lock and remote wipe in the event of a lost or stolen phone. The Find my Friends app although somewhat useful just doesn't appear professional enough either.
    Any thoughts on whether this will become possible in the future, or if I'll be forced into creating that single iCloud account?
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    you could use separate iTunes and iCloud accounts on each device, there's no need for those to be the same. e.g individual iTunes accounts for purchases but a common iCloud account for Find My iPhone

    if you had a common iCloud account just for purpose of Find My iPhone you could monitor all the devices on the one common iCloud account. However this may limit the usefulness of iCloud for individual users for the other features like syncing mail, contacts, calendars, reminders etc. But if you have corporate email & contacts via Exchange or other and don't need iCloud for individual email, contacts etc then you're fine.

    you can access Find My iPhone via a computer by logging into but unless all the devices are on the same iCloud account, you'd need to log into the specific iCloud account for the device in question.

    this is not by any means a perfect solution, it would be nice for Apple to come up with a better way to centrally manage Find My iPhone across multiple accounts, even for home users with just a few devices and a couple people with separate iCloud accounts. maybe there's another way to manage large corporate installations such as yours, I'm not sure.

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