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Discussion in 'iPad' started by eagleglen, Feb 13, 2014.

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    Hello, I lost my iPad Air tonight. It's locked with a passcord but the cellular connection was not turned on. Ive activated lost mode on Find My iPhone, but I'm realizing now, that with it locked, it will never connect to a wifi network by itself. Normally I would have to select a wifi network to join, expect for when it autoconnects at my house. I'm feeling like the Find My iPhone feature won't help me at all. Is this true?

    My second question is regarding my personal property insurance coverage. I have theft coverage, but would loosing it be the same thing? For a claim, I will need a police report. Can I get one based on the fact it was never turned in to Lost and Found?
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    I'd contact your insurance agent to see about what would be acceptable for filing.

    Find my phone won't help you locate it, if the iPad is not connected to wifi or cellular. It will prevent anyone from wiping and using it though - if that's any consolidation.

    I'd keep checking the lost and fond, it may turn up depending on where you last left it.
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    very interesting...So that means Wifi + Cellular is the best option when looking to buy an iPad? Cellular has to be turn on at all time and eat up data?? :apple:
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    It is only going to eat up data if you are using it away from a WiFi connection.
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    "It" won't eat up data. "You" might, but "it" won't.

    You can easily select which apps are allowed or barred from using cellular data. Settings->CellularData

    The only reason to completely turn off cellular data is if boarding an aircraft.
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    Theft coverage isn't going to cover this. Since you lost it, there is no police report to be made. Unless you get lucky, you will need to buy a new iPad.

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