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    Mar 12, 2012
    This is my first post. I hope someone can help me. My MacBook was stolen from me at my work on Tuesday, March 6th. I didn't have my power cord with me, so they only have the MacBook. It is password protected to be able to log in. I have it set to automatically connect to my iPhone Hotspot and my home WiFi. I was closing up alone when I realized one of my coworkers must have stolen my laptop. I turned my iPhone Hotspot on and tried to locate it using "Find My iPhone", while searching my work in every spot I could think of. My MacBook kept showing up "No location available". So I sent a remote lock and a message saying "Bring my laptop back please!". I also tried to play a sound, in case they stashed it some where, but I couldn't hear a thing. I have been constantly checking my emails to be informed when it was online but I wasn't receiving anything. Last night, March 11, I went into my junk folder and saw two emails from Find My iPhone saying my MacBook had been locked successfully and a sound has been played at 2:31AM March 9th. I clicked the link to see the location and couldn't. So I did some research and found out I only had a 24 hour window, which I very obviously missed.
    I'm really upset because A) I should have been checking my junk mail folder, but assumed it would go into my inbox, B) after 24 hours the location is deleted and unavailable, and C) the battery has probably died by now and I won't have another chance to track it.
    I have sent another message and sound just in case it does connect again and I have hopefully fixed my email so it will be sent to my inbox.
    I've tried calling Apple Support but they don't open for another couple hours so I thought I would try here while I wait.
    Is there any way at all I can access the last known location?
    Unfortunately I cannot report it as stolen so I fear I may have missed my chance and will lose my best friend forever.
    If anyone has any info on how to help I would be SOOO grateful!! Please someone have a trick or something!
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    Jan 6, 2002
    Why can't you report it stolen? That's your only and best recourse now, unless you send another message and get a location from it.


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