Find My iPhone Not showing last location

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    Feb 19, 2015
    Hey gang,
    My Iphone 5s basically disappeared this past Sunday and when I realized it was missing I tried the Find My iPhone app and it was offline. I knew it had a charge so I thought it was either destroyed or someone found it and turned it off.

    My issue is that there was never a grey circle or any last know location displayed that would of helped me track it. I thought this was a standard feature of this app. I just tested it with my new replacement phone and I see that it shows a grey circle and an "Old Location". It also shows my iPad that ran out of batteries last night....

    SO why was this never shown for my lost phone??? Does this say anything about the way it was lost/damaged? Or does the app only monitor the location if it is open and initiated? Find My iPhone is always on..

    Also is there any app/program that I can look back to find my last know location that the phone used?? Is there log stored on the web somewhere I can access?

    Thanks for any input
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    Apr 16, 2008
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    Maybe the phone was turned off then they did a dfu restore and wiped it.
    They still can't use the phone if it's icloud locked so don't remove it from your account. Whoever has it has a useless device.

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