Find my iPhone (with Apple Watch?)


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Jun 3, 2014
Do you guys think Apple will integrate the Apple watch with Find my iPhone in any way?

As I understand it, the watch itself will not have any kind of GPS or Wifi antenna, so it's doubtful. However, if I got the Edition version, I would hope it would have some way to locate itself if lost or stolen. Perhaps it would send the GPS location of the watch as soon as it connects to an iPhone or iPad, giving you an idea of its last location.


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Aug 7, 2008
If I remember correctly, the watch can notify you when your iPhone is out of range. I doubt there is a 'Find my iPhone' function though, due to the lack of antennas.


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Apr 25, 2011
There's alledgedly a combined wifi/bluetooth chip in the Watch, but from what has been rumored it's designed to connect point-to-point to your tethered iPhone, not to your wifi network/the internet directly.

Presumably, it could be within the realm of possibilities for Apple to add this functionality in case you lose your iPhone, but as there are other options to access find my iPhone (like via a web browser and the icloud service), I could imagine this isn't all that high on their to-do list... :)

Having immediate access to find my iPhone could perhaps be advantageous if you just realized you lost your phone, but as the Watch doesn't have a cellular modem you would need access to a wifi network to be able to use the service, and there aren't too many open wifi networks outside city centers and the like.