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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by nutmac, Sep 17, 2014.

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    My wife and I have our phones set in silent most of the time. As such we rely on Find My iPhone (sharing 1 account) to ping each other in case of urgent calls.

    It's nice to see Find My iPhone 4.0 released today adds Family Sharing. It's too bad App Store is now stuck in "Accept New Terms of Use" loop.
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    Find my iphone sharing problems.

    I added my sister's iphone 5 on my list of devices. I followed an instruction on this site adding her using my iCloud account, entering my Apple ID on her device. Now what happened is that it's like our devices are linked , like my photos appears on her photo stream and her iMessage is not working as before. Can you please help me undo the process? Thanks so much.
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    You should just add her to family sharing. No need to sign her in with your iCloud acct. I would sign her out of your iCloud acct, then sign her back in with her own acct. Then if you want to share find my phone you create a family share. That also creates a shared reminders, a calendar and apps and music can also be shared. Also your Apple acct will be used for any purchases. So if you dont want that then dont create the family share. Not real sure what instructions you followed from this site or what exactly you are attempting to do. Subject states "Find my Phone and family sharing" so it sounds like that is what you want. But family share lets family members with separate iCloud accts share things. Thats the point of it.
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    Thanks for the reply. Please see attached photo.


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