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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by jsf721, Aug 14, 2012.

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    I have a 14 and 17 year old and they dont always answer their texts or phone when we want to find them. I am the Dad and pay the bills and set up the icloud accounts. i can use the find my iphone feature but would rather have a button to Find Child 1 and find child 2 so i dont have to punch in all the apple ID and passwords that I made very secure not knowing i would use these regularly.

    Yesterday we dropped off my 14 year old at the mall with friends at 11AM. He was supose to get picked up by another friends Dad at 2:30PM and text us when he got to their house. He never texted us and we could not reach him or his friends-whose numbers my wife has for this reason! Very frustrating. My wife asked me to track him on the iphone and he was at another friends house playing basketball and the phone was in his Backpack.

    So just looking for an easy way that is secure on my phone. My phone is always locked auto lock as I am on Exchange.
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    The "Find my Friends" app or Google Latitude.
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    Get the Apple App "Find my Friends" and put it on their phones/iPods. Then use restrictions to lock the current settings for location services and find my friends.
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