Find My Location Without GPS?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mdkrebs11, Jul 28, 2008.

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    Jul 14, 2008
    I've had a touch for about a year. I was always able to find My Location in Google Maps and then conduct a search around that area. This was obviously achieved without GPS (i.e. through WiFi triangulation). I now have the 3G. Whenever I try to find My Location whether it be in Google Maps or any of the location based Apps like Yelp or Where, it asks to turn on location services. I would really rather not turn it on because I then have to navigate 3 or 4 screens deep to turn it back off. But, when selecting No in any of these applications, it will not find my current location. Wouldn't you think, when selecting No to turning on the GPS, it would default to 3G or WiFi and still find your current location? It certainly has the capability through cell towers or WiFi hotspots. Why will it only find your current location with GPS on? Is there anyway to enable an option to search for current location without GPS?
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    It seems as if Apple still needs to tweak this function. Location services covers any method, cell tower, wifi hotspots or GPS. Its up to the software atm to decide what to use, maybe an option will be added to allow us to choose but for now were stuck with or without it.
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    Yep, people are pretty well convinced by now, that there are mistakes in the way the locating software works, especially if 3G is turned on.

    It might not be an quick fix, however. There's been at least one report that someone who submitted this as a problem to the Apple suggestion box,was asked by Apple support for more details as to when it happens and what their settings were.

    Sounds like they're gathering debugging clues. From this, and the reports of geotagging possibly being wrong in other hemispheres, it appears that little testing was done outside of Cupertino.

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