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Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by podsorcerer09, Dec 10, 2011.

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    I can't enable find my mac on lion 10.7.2. The iCloud system preference pane keeps telling me that there is an update for the recovery partition but there isn't one. I'm thinking that when I'm home for winter break I should wipe the entire drive, reinstall lion and do updates and then put everything back on the computer. Would using migration assistant from my time machine backup put the problem back on do you think? Generally I don't know what files get put back on from a migration assistant backup other than applications and documents. Do system files get put back from Migration Assistant
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    Do this

    10.7.2 is still full of ***** load of bugs.

    Here's what you should do to make sure you have the best possible config of the OS running with being as error free as possible (ie factory fresh)

    -First wait for 10.7.3 to release, this is really the update people have been waiting for. When its released download the 10.7.3 installer from mac app store (you might need to use someone else's mac for that).

    -Backup your current data using Time Machine

    -Take screen shots of all application setting on your mac (especially the settings you cant remember)

    -Burn it to DVD (search google for how to do that).

    -Do a Clean install of 10.7.3 by formatting the HDD

    -When install is complete, DO NOT RESTORE DATA FROM TIME MACHINE, you gotta do some manual work (easy). Copy paste the personal user data from the latest Time Machine backup Home folder to the newly installed OS. This way, no settings or apps are transferred

    -Freshy install all apps that you had before and look at their setting screen shots that you had taken before.

    You will see if you do this, you'll be surprised how fast, bug free you OS runs. I have done this many times with many macs, it works. The only problem is you have to wait till 10.7.3 (coming soon)

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