Finder issues: won't recognize usb, utilities freeze, clock is stuck, & no menus

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Romans6, Oct 19, 2010.

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    Oct 19, 2010
    I've done a little searching to see if anyone has reported this issue, but nothing I found addressed the problems I'm having.

    This is a fairly new MacBook Pro, purchased new in July 2010, and I would list out the rest of the specs for you but the "About This Mac" menu won't appear. That's one of the issues.

    The first problem I noticed was that my USB drive wasn't showing up in the Finder window under "Devices". That first happened two weeks ago, but I chalked it up to my drive being old and didn't worry about it. Today, I bought a brand new USB, transferred the files from the old to the new (using a PC), and plugged in the new one. Still no dice.

    I verified that my Finder preferences were set to display external drives, but it still didn't show. It does seem to know that something is there, because the last time this happened, it yelled at me for not properly ejecting a device. For now, I've left it plugged in.

    Next, I tried running System Profiler to see if it would show up there. System Profiler froze. So I force-quit that and tried running Disk Utility... which also froze. That's when I noticed that the clock had stopped running- it's now 11:53am, but my MPB's clock displays 11:00am.

    Now the Finder seems to be having all kinds of issues. For example, it won't display the "About this Mac" menu, and files don't show a quick preview in the Finder window unless they're pdfs. Also, the Force Quit menu doesn't show either- when I press Apple-Option-Escape, nothing happens.

    I'm not a tech wizard by any means, but I've been a Mac user since about 2001, and I'm a fairly intelligent person, so I'd appreciate help that uses more English than jargon, and provides reasons behind the suggestions. Thank you in advance for your help! At least my web browser still works...
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