finder sees ipod, itunes does not...

Discussion in 'iPod' started by designingdani, Feb 3, 2008.

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    i've got a brand new classic, only a few months old. itunes freezes up on me yesterday when i'm trying to sync it and so i had to disconnect without ejecting it. plugged it back in and it was corrupted so i had to restore it which went just fine, but as i am resyncing my like 5000 songs, it gets through a few and quits. it does this twice before i reconnect and itunes won't recognize my ipod. it shows up in the finder just fine, and itunes even starts or jumps to the front when i plug it in. the ipod says it's connected. i've been through "the 5 r's" and my software is up to date but i still can't get stupid itunes to see my ipod. is there a way to restore the ipod without itunes? i'd really appreciate any help with this. i need my ipod!
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    I know this will be a pain in the Ar$e but can you go into itunes prefs and disable synchronising, then when itunes see's the ipod, hit ipod summary, go to music and just sync from the folder/s the musics stored in ?, a friend of mine found this worked out ok for him using a 160gb classic :)

    myself, I prefer the synching feature disabled anyway :cool:

    hope this is of help ;)
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    Jan 5, 2010
    my solution for problem finder sees ipod, itunes does not

    I have an ipod classic.
    it didn't show in itunes 9.0.2
    what finally did the trick was connecting it to a computer with an older itunes version (in this case 9.0.1)
    9.0.1 recognized the ipod.
    now i could update the software.
    after the update the ipod was also recognized by itunes 9.0.2

    good luck!!

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