Finding external display use not to be very stable

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by mykidisluke, Jan 29, 2017.

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    Jan 29, 2017
    All, I've got a 2016 M5 MacBook - and I love it - but I am finding that external displays are a little flaky on the MacBook and I'd like to compare notes with others. I'm using Sierra and I'm all patched up.

    I first tried to use the OWC USB-C dock and keep my MacBook in clamshell mode all the time and a Dell HDMI LCD monitor - I found the combination to not be very stable. Frequently after the display went to sleep, and I returned and pressed a key or used my Magic Mouse, the screen would stay dark, and I'd have to reopen the laptop, restart to get things working again.

    I blamed the USB-C hub dock, and resorted to the trusty USB-C Apple AV adapter. Stability was much better in clamshell mode - but frequently after my MacBook's external display went to sleep, and I returned - things wouldn't wake up.

    I blamed clamshell mode and resorted to using open laptop+HDMI display through Apple AV adapter and find stability a bit better - but frequently I come back to the Mac, and only the internal display is working - and it doesn't seem to be aware it has an external display at all. I unplug and replug and the Apple AV adapter and nothing works, until a restart gets everything working great again.

    I've not had this trouble with other Mac laptops, and my former MBP 13 reliably worked in clamshell mode with the same HDMI cable and Dell monitor.

    Any ideas?
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    I think this is a known issue with macOS. The Mac Accessories forum is flooded with people having issues, especially with USB-C connected displays (including the LG UltraFines).

    I haven't personally had a single issue at home using a direct USB-C connected LG 27UD88 in the couple of months I've had it, but I have had to restart my rMB multiple times at work, using a simple Apple AV adapter -> HDMI connection.

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