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    Alright, so I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this, but I need some help. So I'm getting the new Mac Pro and I want to get a 2 monitor set up. I can fit 2 24 inch monitors on my desk, though I could go a bit smaller if necessary. Also, I've been told that LED is better because it has truer colors and it's easier on the eyes so I would appreciate that. First off, let me explain what I need to connect up to these monitors.

    Mac Pro: 2 (HDMI or HDMI+VGA)
    Apple TV: 1 HDMI
    PS3: 1 HDMI
    Netbook: VGA
    (if possible) Gamecube: 1 Composite/Component

    I guess my question is, will I notice any difference if I connect one monitor to my Mac Pro with VGA (through a thunderbolt converter) and one through the HDMI port?

    Also, I have external speakers that connect through a basic auxiliary port. What would be the best way to have all the different devices all play through the same speaker system?

    P.S. If you guys can find a monitor that fits all these, I would be so grateful!
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    dual 24's is nice. I have dual 27's and they are a bit much, but I use ALL the space so depends what you do.

    As for monitors, I recommend the dell u2412m's and the new u2413hm (although the u2412m's) are nicer IMO. As for LED, almost all new monitors are LED nowadays. For color accuracy I believe rgb LEDs are the extreme accurate but they are insanely expensive and hard to find. Unless you do crazy color matching, any IPS panel will do. LED also saves a lot on power and the monitors themselves are thinner and don't take time to "warm up" before brightness is good.

    None of the monitors really have composite cables (there might be older ones, but can't help you there).

    As for VGA vs HDMI, yes you will notice a different. Many people argue this, but there is a small fuzzy difference (HDMI is clearer) with VGA. It's because VGA is analog and the monitor has to convert an analog signal into digital and any interference will cause it to look funny (very unnoticeable really, I'm just picky).

    For speakers, I don't know of any good combiners, but they do have switches that let you press a button to switch between different sources. I'll look around and update if I can find it.

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