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    Hey all,

    I read a story somewhere back that the new iPad 2 on the 4.3 iOS would allow the user to enable certain finger swipes/movements to multitask, return to homescreen, ect.

    Was this a beta test only or does it exist? I can't find any setting in the settings menu.

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    From ismashphone:

    Still, if interested in multitouch, and buying Xcode 4 from the Mac App Store (that's where the $5 comes in) then you, too, can have iPad multitouch gestures. We're not into the idea of paying for something we think should have come free, but developers may have a use for Xcode anyway. You can buy it here.

    Once you install Xcode, you will have to launch the software and connect your iPad or iPad 2 to your computer:

    1) After connecting your iPad, it should appear on the Xcode devices list.

    2) Click "Use for Development"

    3) You will be asked for your iOS developer information. Screw that. Just click cancel and ignore the error message.

    4) Wait for developer mode activation to complete and then go to your iPad general preferences. From here, turn Multitasking Gestures to "ON"
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