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Dec 8, 2013
So I bought the air, my first ipad ever 3 weeks ago. Being that this is the most expensive gadget I've bought thus far I wanted to protect it somewhat. My biggest worry was scratching or scuffing up the back cover. I plan on selling this ipad when the next Air comes out so I wanted to keep it looking clean. I've been very ginger in handling it, careful to set it down etc.

So I looked around here and elsewhere on case suggestions. The official offerings from Apple are simply far too expensive. I wanted something that as simple and something that matched my white Air. The Fintie Smartshell is what I decided to buy, mainly because of the color scheme. Being that my Air is white I wanted a cover that would match, and in this case at least the Fintie is beautiful.

$16.98 was my total, including shipping. I needed it rather quickly and had it bundled along with some other gifts I got via amazon.

Anyway I got it yesterday. It came in a plain plastic bag with a foam insert, that's it . The ipad air easily snaps into it, and it's not too hard to take it off. Nothing like my otter box defender for my gs3 which is a pain. It does add weight unfortunately. Where I find that holding the air with one hand is easy, with the cover on it's fatiguing. I take it off when I'm in bed, and if I'm using it for extended periods of time same deal. I really only bought it for travel and for when I out the air away at night. Just feel better when it's tucked away.

The biggest complaint I have is that it's useless as a stand. In the most upright position it's trivial to knock over the air. I would not trust it at all. It's better with the lower stand option, but the more upright one is ridiculously unstable. doesn't help at all with using it on your lap either. Also the felt cover attracts all sorts of dust/hairs possible. I have a cat that sheds hair like crazy and once it gets on on the felt cover its nigh impossible to remove.

Also of note is that the cover doesn't lie down as flat as it should. The crease slightly pops up. The magnet seems ok. No problem with the air waking or going to sleep. it also stays relatively closed with the magnet. But you can easily feel it move around while carrying the ipad.

I don't think I can recommend this case, certainly not for the price. If it was under ten bucks perhaps. Some will suggest the Poetic, but I had the Poetic Slimline for my old nexus 7 and it fell apart after a few months of light use so Poetic products are dead to me. It's cheaper than the apple cases though, and even cheaper than most 3rd party stuff you'd find in retail. I guess that sorta makes up for it.

I'll upload pix on my desktop cuz it's not possible to choose pix via Dropbox.
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Dec 8, 2013
pix as promised:


  • 2013-12-19 22.22.24.jpg
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Dec 8, 2013


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Sep 23, 2013
Upstate, NY
Hmmm.... I have a Fintie folio case that I pad around ten bucks for and it stands very solidly and has been awesome. The one you are showing pics of is different than mine though.


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Nov 18, 2013
I have this exact case but with a light blue front flap with frosted plastic back. It's ok, doesn't seem to add a lot of bulk to my air. Still feels quite slim. What I don't like is that when I fold the front back flat against the back of the device, it kind of 'slips' between the back cover and pleather front. I wish the magnet would hold it firmly to the rear of the device so it doesn't slip and twist so much. Make sense? Thinking of exchanging it for something else.
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